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After more than fifteen years of experience in the construction and restoration in the field of marble and semi-precious stones, PIERRE PALERMINI, always looking for exceptional materials, has discovered in 2006 during one of his many travels, the mother of pearl.

Passionate of beautiful materials, he decided to spend a year in South-East Asia to work with local craftsmen to learn their expertise in the implementation of the natural mother of pearl. With a good command of technic and process, PIERRE PALERMINI could in turn contribute its knowledge in the implementation of decorative pieces on ultra-light panels for the decoration of private planes, yachts or parts carpentry.
It is this combination of knowledge and skills that gave birth to Shell Stock. The past few years have served us to create a multitude of unique pieces and small series, as well as validate the perfect mastery in the art of laying pearl on different stands and forms. Today we are able to advise you, from creation to implementation of all your high-end decoration projects. We realize for you samples or models that will help you to validate your projects once the specifications defined.

The exceptional merit of time in an implementation of quality is why we advise our customers to contact us from the beginning of the projects.

Pierre Palermini
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The entire production is assembled in one of our two workshops in Asia in Bangkok, or in Portugal for Europe, which guarantees you a single interlocutor. We control the entire manufacturing process of our marquetry workshops from the selection of oyster pearls as soon as they are out of the sea. Upon receipt in our workshops, each piece is sorted out and selected according to their quality, and classified by family of colours, shades and reflections. This library then allows us to choose each piece, to closely follow the specifications of your projects. We suggest before each implementation of your orders to make a virtual model with our graphic studio for a first quotation and validation of the desired rendering. Then we can choose extracts of your models and prepare samples installed on the material of your choice that will allow us to validate the selected colours. In following this procedure, we guarantee results without surprises. We are at your disposal to bring you all our experience from the definition of the specifications and to best satisfy a demanding clientele. The passion of our business and the satisfaction of our customers give us each day the desire to amaze and surpass us.

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Our extensive experience in the implementation of mother of pearl, bonded to honeycomb panels alloy, with specific adhesives aero, allowed us to create beautiful projects with prestigious companies in the demanding field of private aviation.










Tworld Mother Of Pearl

With the family legacy of love of beautiful stones, marble and a job well done, Pierre Palermini will advise and assist you for all your accomplishments.

Many trips on the extraction and the constant search for new careers will be the best choice for your next project sites.

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Our extensive experience in the mother of pearl’s implementation, installed on honeycomb panels, with specific aero adhesives, has enabled us to make stunning projects with prestigious companies in the very demanding private aviation area.

  • 1997

    Learning building of marble and decoration and restoration of works of art in marble, alabaster and onyx in a remarkable tradition of marble. I combined work on construction sites in workshops for the use of machinery and construction of A to Z project. Site supervision for the project Louis Vuitton on the Champs Elysees, restoring a mosaic by Marc Chagall and sculptures in a private collection.

  • 2000

    Installation in Toulouse creating a craft entity specialized in marble mosaic and marble art with an associate and first projects in the region.

  • 2002

    We are chosen for the mosaic floor of the hotel bar Plaza Athénée in Paris. It's a huge responsibility. We are given a chance! All the family helps me; it's a big job for us.

  • 2003

    First contact and first use of the honeycomb for the construction of the facade Lapis Lazuli for CHAUMET in Monaco under the direction of the firm Wilmott (Paris). We are beyond the DTU standards and we must adapt. Another work done with the family. We try a technological breakthrough. The stone becomes lighter. New perspectives seem to open.

  • 2004

    1st contact with private aviation company with SOGERMA become CGAC. Implementation of manufacturing processes and first samples for projects. Creating TESSERAE SARL to assume these new large customers generally do not work with artisans.

  • 2005

    1st achievements for private aviation. Marble flies and everything becomes possible.

  • 2006

    Collaboration with JET AVIATION with unprecedented achievements in nacre. Our first jumbo Airbus A320. The euphoria and stress. We participate in several exhibitions such as EBACE in Geneva and Monaco Yacht Show.

  • 2007

    We continue building mason business we carry a large marble mosaic for a prestigious client in the south of France. We work on the Toulouse airport in the commercial area and we realize the first pieces for Falcons Dassault always with Jet Aviation.

  • 2008

    The development work on semi precious stones pushes us to develop our partnerships. We are going to Thailand to find pearl suppliers in Brazil and we are going to visit places of extraction of granite and semi precious stones. These trips are crucial for our personal and cultural benefit to provide a reliable expertise to our customers and partners.

  • 2009

    1 Living alone with ASIA AIR SHOW in Hong Kong. We produce bathroom parts for the aircraft with the King of Morocco's RAM.

  • 2010

    We are chosen to implement all the aviation marble for the aircraft of the French Republic. We are proud and pleased to participate in this project.

  • 2011

    Manufacture of a prototype with MAUBOUSSIN Design in collaboration with the company DESIGN AIR for salon EBACE in Geneva. We sign a contract with the Lapeyre group. It is the beginning of the end.

  • 2012

    Closing and opening TESSERAE TESSERA WORLD LTD in London. Bad strategic choice. We do not mix retail and luxury. One rule to remember from this adventure. This will cost us energy and illusion. First series of basins pearl and aluminum. Prototype Carbon and black mother.

  • 2013

    TESSERA WORLD LTD is made for the open sea and it is by an American cooperation that we start. Boeing 747- 8 with society L3Com Texas. Pearl work on many top counters. We have increased our level of quality drastically. We manufacture and finish everything now with our workshop in Thailand. We work with AMAC AEROSPACE for the firm ALBERTO PINTO (Paris) always with mother of pearl.

  • 2014

    We are always looking for new ideas. First backlight test with Rock Crystal, natural and Colorful Agates with NEOLUX society. Product Overview CRISTO lounge ARCHITECTS ADWorks in Lyon, Nantes and Paris.

  • 2015

    Our experience is further enriched with the manufacture of decorative elements (boxes and lamp bases Sodalite and Crystal Roche) for the firm ALBERTO PINTO House.

  • 2016

    One of the biggest projects we expected. For the first time we mix pearl and semi precious stones to a Boeing 777 with AMAC AEROSPCACE.

  • 2017

    Years of working stone and pearl and still so much to do and learn.